Forever Starts Today

(b. hinson, c. fink)

Found him on the road, to my surprise
It was raining and the air was cold
Then he walked right out from the light
Asked me,"Where are you going?"
Now everywhere I see the signs.

And forever starts today
Forever starts today
There's a time when love, it finds you
And you're on your way

There's a mystery in the vine
There's a magic in your heart
There's a light up in the sky
There's a place where we can start
There's a time when love, she finds you
There's a light now
Shining within you
We're on our way to somewhere, cant you see?

Forever starts today
And forever starts today
There's a light up there that you must see
To be on your way

Some will come and some will go
But you just stay right on that big love train
There you'll find the peace of mind
That's more than everything
They tried to explain

"I'll be shining forever, I know"
"I'll be shining forever, I know"
"I'll be shining forever, I know"
"I know, I know"

Forever starts today
Forever starts today
Forever starts today
Forever starts today

We are on our way to God's own light

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Brian Hinson - Vocals, Keys, Bass, SFX
Melissa Barlow - The voice of Alley
Robert Lynch - Guitars, background vocals and production assistance
Bruce Crump - Drums
Jonathan England - Drums on Forever Starts Today
Todd Sontag - Percussion on Forever Starts Today
Charlie Fink - Voices and lyric assistance
Consulting/Recording Assistance - Bill Lynch
Product Support: Rich Polek, Don and Robbin Halpaus

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